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February, 2015

What if Life’s the Sweetheart?
--Willa Cather

Dearest Friends,

Women often confused love and romance. Heaven knows I did for most of my life. While both are frequently in each other’s company, they’re not the same. Think of love as emotion. Romance is its evocative expression. Romance reveals the depth and breadth of a lover’s feelings in a certain way. Romance is the flourish, embellishment, poetic gesture. Love can be conveyed in an e-mail, but when a woman receives a handwritten letter, she’s being romanced. If love is a dessert, romance is a pear tart with apricot sauce and Muscat-raisin ice. If love is a dance, romance is a tango. If love is a trip, romance is a journey on the Orient Express or a sleigh ride through the park.

This month we’re going to explore Vita-Sackville West’s jewel of a romantic novel All Passion Spent and the coming of age story of her 88 year old heroine Lady Slane, who after the death of her husband of 65 years has to wrestle a life of her own while there’s still time from her adult children who think they know better. After all, what in the world could Mother possibly want to do in her dotage?

Then I’m going to introduce or reacquaint you with one of the most influential books in my own life, Labyrinth of Desire: Women, Passion, and Romantic Obsession by Rosemary Sullivan. All women are prone to romantic obsession, whether it’s with a person or a house, or a collection. If you’re interested in the conundrum of why do women love the way they do, I think you’ll enjoy our mid-month essay.

Women want and need love but really our constant craving is for romance. So why don’t we explore love, passion and romantic obsession and what’s in it for us? By the way, this month of Simple Abundance Online , is not the ark to be entered in two by two, or not at all. All the single ladies, especially if you’re in love with love, are welcomed!

Sending you blessings and hugs and wishing that you and yours will only know the best part of each day.
Dearest love,
Sarah Ban Breathnach

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